Google Chrome update translation function

International Business News  –  When people usually surf the Internet, it is inevitable that they will encounter some foreign websites. If these websites are purely foreign languages and cannot understand the interface language, it will be embarrassing.
Fortunately, Google browsers like Chrome have a built-in translation plug-in. Right-click on the blank space and select (Translate to Chinese “Simplified”)to translate the entire web page into a Chinese page.
After the translation is successful, we can set the translation into other languages through the (Language Translation) button on the right side of the input field, and this website will not be translated at all.
This translation function translates the entire web page by default, but does not support the translation of selected texts.
What’s New in Google Chrome

However, the Chrome Canary version of the Google Chrome test function recently added a “partial translation” function. When the user selects a part of the text paragraph and right-clicks the pop-up menu, there is an additional “Translate into a language” option.

This function can display the content of the text translation in the pop-up window, and can be set through the (Language Translation) button on the right side of the input field.

This feature can come in handy when we only need to translate part of the text.

Edge browser excerpt translation

However, for me, an old user of the Edge browser. I have experienced this feature for a long time.

Use the Edge browser to open the web page, when we select a piece of text, right-click, and select (Convert selected content to Chinese “Simplified” ) in the menu, and the selection can be translated.

However, this function is different from the new function of Google Chrome,  it will directly replace the translated content into the text in the web page, instead of displaying the translated content in the form of a pop-up window.

OCR screencast translation

Of course, we can also choose to translate through OCR screenshot recognition.

In particular, the page text of some websites cannot be selected, or the text is integrated into the picture. At this time, the browser cannot directly translate it. It is more convenient to use screenshot translation!

I recommend using Quick OCR text recognition. This software is specially used to recognize and extract text. Using (Screenshot Recognition), you can quickly extract various texts on web pages and pictures.

After the text is extracted, there is a one-click (Translate) function button in the lower right corner.

The software will recognize it as English translation by default, and it can also be manually switched to other languages for translation according to the situation. The operation is very convenient!